Twice A Princess
by George Willis Tate

Embark on a fascinating journey through history as amateur historian and author George Willis Tate presents his third book. Part biography, part history, and all adventure, the life of Catherine Willis Murat leaps from the pages of Twice A Princess like a fantasy of Scheherezade.

Niece of George Washington, niece of Napoleon Bonaparte, princess consort of the Kingdom of Naples, and a princess of France, this daughter of America remained true to her southern heritage as she blazed across the pages of history with her husband,  Prince Achille Murat, nephew of Napoleon and son of his greatest cavalry commander. Together Prince Murat and his unlikely princess joined families, continents, and political powerhouses. In the epiphany of Catherine’s final years, she freed her slaves who out of love and respect chose to remain with her until death.

From rough and tumble frontier Florida to the throne rooms of Europe, follow “Princess Kate” through a journey so astounding it scarcely seems real.

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